This is me, Sophie

Retro loving, deep feeling, mother of one (two if you count the dog)

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I like to see the beauty in every detail.

As an outgoing introvert I will happily talk your ear off, but will also listen and think deeply about everything.

My philosophy - Become undone

My entire life I felt like I struggled to find my place. Trying to fit in, to keep my emotions at bay, to be... perfect.

Enter photography.

Photography is the opposite for me. It's not about fitting in and being perfect, it's about the moment. The messy, the raw, the REAL. Embracing the imperfect and letting honest emotions shine through. Finding beauty in the every day, and knowing that every story is worth telling.

My style

My style is predominately documentary, I like to think of myself as a fly on the wall, there to tell your story as beautifully and honestly as I can. I can help to guide you to the best light, or give you some prompts if you are feeling a little unsure. But really, I like to encourage you to be yourselves, to revell in eachothers company and to allow your love and connection to shine through. Then I aim to capture that connection naturally, authentically and intimately.

My inspiration

My inspiration is a mix of 20th century photographers, films/cinema and old family photo albums.

One of my favourite past times as a child was flicking through my parents book of life magazine. I would become immersed into a different time. Being able to catch a glipse into a life that was so different to my own, and the emotions that came with that.

I also love to watch films, again being drawn into different stories. Stories of love, joy, heartbreak... human connection.

Other inspirations are: music, my own relationships/life experiences and childrens books. Pretty much anything that makes me feel a big feeling (which isn't hard for me, ha).

I guess you could say the underlying theme here is emotional connection, if it tells a story and makes me feel deeply then I'm all in - and that's the sort of work that I aim to create for my clients too.

My loves (this is a big one, I love a lot of things)

My family, our lil old retro bungalow, watching the way that light falls onto things, doing puzzles, going for long walks, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, DIY, good friends, good food (brunch all day every day), watching films or shows, loud music, dancing in the kitchen with my loves, pottering about in the garden, seeing live bands, living a slow life, wandering aimlessly, hearing my little one laugh uncontrollably.

"Every time I look at the pictures I am overwhelmed with emotion. Nothing was posed, forced or uncomfortable - it was all natural & in our home where we're most ourselves. She is incredibly patient and understanding and goes to all lengths to give you the most perfect gallery you could only have dreamt of." - Robyn